Aways - For outdoor professionals
For outdoor professionals
What we do for you

What we do for you

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What we do for you

What we do for you

With Aways you will save time and increase earnings.

We provide you with the tools to minimise administration, maximise sales and reduce costs. Our functionality is specifically designed to manage the challenges you face when working in nature. Our event manager has the flexibility to meet changes in conditions, even on short notice.

We believe you are already present on social media; facebook, instagram and other services. Channels where you reach out and market your events.

We offer a service so you in a very easy way can integrate a powerful booking and payment service to your already established postings and communications. Whether it is on social media or on your own web page. We aim to help you receive more bookings as early as possible, for you to plan your operations ahead.

When bookings happen, you can monitor clients and payments from your personalised dashboard and edit your events. Manage rescheduling, vouchers, cancellations and refunds.

Payments are immediately transfered to your bank account when bookings happen. No more awkward billing after the event or dealing with no shows in the morning.

There is no need for desktop or office time anymore. Our service is fully mobile on all smartphones. Create and schedule your activities on the go from wherever you are, or manage a complete rental service while on the road. Share your events instantly in a text message to clients on location or on social channels and receive bookings.

You do not longer need a homepage for your presentation. Nor do you need to tweak a web shop to manage your sales. Aways is specifically built to handle your activities and sales. And we comply with portability according to the GDPR framework. So you can choose other services when ever you want. No locked in features.

Conditions will decide which events to post. You can offer scheduled events or events that will happen during a time period. Events can be payed in full or with fully refundable down payments. You can send out powder, wind or swell alerts to clients on stand by. Allowing you to flexibly plan and execute your events when the conditions are the best.

Do not loose clients or earnings on cancellations due to poor conditions anymore. Offer automatic one click rescheduling to another date or hand out vouchers for your other events. Manage all booking requests on the go from your phone, rescheduling, vouchers, cancellations and refunds.

Optionally receive requests for other dates on your events. Easily send out a specific event to requesting clients and receive bookings on demand.