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We provide

We provide

We provide a powerful operations management tool with a complete booking and payment solution for your outdoor operations. Connect a versatile and beautiful booking page to your own webpage. Share your events in a professional way with a personalised domain ( for a enhanced client experience.

We also offer to migrate and manage your activities for you. Contact for a personalised solution.


The activity manager is the back bone of our service. This is the starting point for all your offers. Create a library of activity templates. In a few easy steps you can give your activity a name, set a location and write a short description of what you offer. Optionally add meeting points other than the location, write a longer description and add other specific information. Save it and quickly preview the booking link and template before scheduling events.

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Schedule your activities with a event. Depending on the activity and conditions needed you can choose from different event types. 

A regular event which is suitable for activities with more predictable working conditions, like indoor climbing, SUP adventures or trekking. 

Or a variable event, scheduled over a time period, with down payments on the initial booking. An event type suitable for activities with conditions that are difficult to predict, like surfing, kitesurfing or powder skiing. When the conditions seems right you simply send a scheduled regular event in the form of a swell, wind or powder alert. Let your booked clients decide whether to participate or remain stand by for future events.
For rental service just create a rental event with a rental schedule connected to the equipment you have made available. The schedules are very flexible and can be customised for a day or just for an hour. Expand your business and increase your earnings.

Preview your bookable events before sharing with your personalised domain (

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Make your gear available for rentals and expand your business. Our service includes the possibility to manage a complete rental service on the go from your smart phone and receive bookings through all your channels. Connect your rental offers to QR codes and let your clients use their own smart phones to make reservations on location. Just arrange for pick up and drop off. Expand your business and increase your earnings from the equipment you already keep in stock, maybe for demo purposes or personal excessive gear. No extra administration, just more earnings.


SALES MANAGEMENT - Avoid cancellations due to conditions

Our powerful transaction service will let you manage customer demands in a easy and simple way. Receive specified request for increased sales management and handle rescheduling and vouchers to secure bookings and earnings. Tools to avoid cancellations and refunds. Whatever you need to take care of, all transactions are automated and handled with just a click from your smart phone.


SOCIAL INTEGRATION - Instantly share on your own social media channels

When creating a activity it is automatically ready to be shared in your social channels. The main media upload and the short description will be presented in a attractive way when posting and sharing. Your clients will be able to book your event in just a few clicks. You will instantly get notified when bookings happen and you can immidiately view your clients details in your event manager.


VOUCHER MANAGEMENT - Plan campaigns and special offers

Offer vouchers as a payment method for future bookings. Create campain offers or gift certificates and increase sales during low season. 



We provide tools to enhance your customer service. Easily personalize your customer communications by sending text messages in your preferred channels. Receive or make phone calls directly from your booking notifications. Give your customers first hand experiences directly when bookings happen.