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Protect our playgrounds


Our oceans, rivers, mountains, glaciers, forests and all other eko systems with its inhabitants are interfered by human activity. We are dedicated to contribute and drive positive sustainable change for interacting with our planet.

Sustainability is not enough. We believe in human growth and we need to address habitability in the perspective of holistic living conditions. We believe this is the future of co-living in a healthy, loving and joyful way.

We highlight the benefits of a outdoor lifestyle for individual health and cognitive behaviour.

Protect our playgrounds - This is our pledge!

We support:

- Initiatives for preservation of rivers

- Projects for securing water supplies

- Dismantling of inefficiant and nonsustainable energy sources

- Renewable and abundant energy sources

- Ocean cleaning

- Ocean preservation

- Removal of nonsustainable manufacturing

- Sustainable public legislation

- New technology for sustainable life styles